Auto Tonneau Covers

Designed especially for the automotive industry our fabric maintains under harsh weather and travelling conditions. Easy to wash and maintain, manufactured for all vehicles.

Our traditional Tonneau cover design has remained popular and reliable with elastic / rope and hooks. The Tonneau cover is good for storage of goods and helps reduce wind drag adding in lower fuel consumption. Our other sort after cover is the enclosed travel covers for vehicles with bin frames. These enclosed covers are great for passenger transportation and can be made with windows, roll up sides and mesh. For the SUV and passenger range we have a security cover designed as an inside Tonneau cover for security. This hides items from site and provides you with a sleek rear enclosure.

Our smaller auto covers include: Spare wheel covers, Triangle covers and the Tool bags.

Bakkie Covers

– Soft Bin Cover – reduces fuel consumption providing a stream-line air flow over the vehicle. Our traditional cover has been around for 44 years re-design and modified according to each make and model of vehicle. Custom covers are made for clients with non-factory fitted roll bars.

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Transportation Cover

We manufacture these covers for customers with frames in the bin area used in the transportation of people and goods. The cover is designed according to your requirements with clear windows, zips, hooks and roll up sides.

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