Marine Covers

Designed specifically for boating applications, our popular products include Boat covers, Full engine and Cowl covers, Canopies, Jet ski covers, Bow and Cockpit covers, Fish bags, Drogue anchors and Catamaran tramps.

We supply our standard boat covers with the draw-string style and extra eyelets for added fastening. Alternative options include: webbing strap tie downs with quick release buckles or a ratchet system.

We are able to supply you with a protective sleeve for canopy storage. These are available in PVC and canvas. *This is a complementary item supplied with our canvas canopies.*

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Boat Covers


Full body protection from all weather conditions while stored and towed. Our covers take the beating of heat and UV rays minimising wear and tear on your marine vessel.4 choices to meet your needs:

  • Storage
  • Towing
  • Ultra Lite
  • Long Life Breathable Cover

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Outboard Motor Covers


Protecting the power behind your marine vessel, keeping it in optimum condition while not in use.

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Cowl Covers


Excellent hood protection used whilst driving, idling and drifting. This is perfect for fishing when your motor is exposed to long hours in the sun. Our cover aids in the prevention of scratching and scuffing the cowl. Cuts outs are matched to air vents as required.

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Bow/ Cockpit Covers

Quick fit storage while on holiday or if a full cover is not necessary. The bow cover fits over the seated nose area on the front of the boat while the cockpit cover fits from the windscreen to the rear of the boat.

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Offering you mobile shade while in action on the water. Various options include:

  • Flying Canopy
  • Deluxe Low Profile canopy
  • Clip-on-Canopy
  • Wakeboard Tower Canopy
  • Under-Tower Canopy

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Uniquely styled cover matching your frame design. This provides permanent shade over the helm area. We offer bright colours to enhance your safety out-to-sea.

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Fully Enclosed Covers


Upmarket front, back and sides for luxury cruisers, deck boats, deep sea boats – onto canopies, custom frames and T-Tops. We offer a range of Clear and coloured fabrics to choose from local and imported quality.

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Jet Ski Covers

jetski cover

Snug storage cover supplied with an elasticised draw-string tightening system.

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