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Fast sails premium products are manufactured to the tightest and most demanding specifications at competitive pricing. We now supply all dealers and outlets nationwide from one factory. Using only the finest materials and the most sophisticated machinery, we can control the standards and specifications produced by our highly skilled workforce, down to the last stitch.


Lite Weight PVC 400grm
– Recommended use: Dust Cover

Med Weight PVC 550grm
– Dual purpose – Storage & Towing – Value for money cover.Both fabrics are double coated on woven backer. Waterproof and enhanced with UV protector in fabric. 2 Ultra Lite Polyester 150grm with a PU and UV coating. Water-repellent

Ultra Lite Polyester 150grm
with a PU and UV coating. Water-repellent

Solution dyed Sunacryl acrylic fibre - ant-staining, rot proof, water-resistant made for outdoor use. UV protected. Imported.

Engine Covers
 – 3mm lined foam laminated on 400grm PVC with warning flag

PVC Vynabreeze
- Mesh backer doubled coated in PVC. Cool effect.

Tonneau Vinyl
– woven backer, double coated 1 side. Waterproof.

– Heavy Duty canvas for transportation covers, safari canopies. Solution dyed 400grm polyester / cotton base. High UV resistance and water-repellence.

Extend the life of your cover by:

  • Removing of dust and dirt.
  • Regular washing with soft soapy solution.
  • Minimising the pooling of water deteriorates cover.

*44 Years of industry expertise – working on a variety of boat styles and makes: Deep Sea, Runabouts, Bass Boats, Wakeboard Boats, Luxury Cruisers, Rubberducks, Dingys, Aluminium Boats
*Over 6000 patterns
*Offer a full range of products

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